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Associate Professor David Rose

Elizabeth Creak Chair of Agricultural Innovation and Extension

David's expertise is in the areas of technology adoption by farmers, user-centred design, and behaviour change. He also works on agricultural extension techniques and the ethics of new technologies. Some of his key papers are listed below.


He currently works closely with the agri-tech team at Defra, is a Social Science representative on Smart Farming Working Group, British Standards Institute, and involved in the Working Group on Skills, at the Institute for Agriculture and Horticulture.


David is editor for the Journal of Agricultural Education and Extension.

Key papers

  • Rose, D. C., Sutherland, W. J., Parker, C., Lobley, M., Winter, M., Morris, C., Twining, S., Ffoulkes, C., Amano, T., Dicks, L. V. (2016) Decision support tools for agriculture: Towards effective design and delivery, Agricultural Systems 149 pp. 165-174. Full Text (Open access)

  • Rose, D. C., Parker, C., Fodey, J., Park, C., Sutherland, W. J., and Dicks, L. V. (2018). Involving stakeholders in agricultural decision support systems: improving user-centred design, International Journal of Agricultural Management 6 (3-4): 80-89. Full text (Open Access),  Key Figure

  • Chivers, C-A., Bliss, K., de Boon, A., Lishman, L., Smith, R., Rose, D. C. (2021). Videos and podcasts for delivering agricultural extension: achieving credibility, relevance, legitimacy, and accessibility. The Journal of Agricultural Education and Extension. Full text (open access)

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