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  • Kate Pressland

Agricultural Universities Council Research Strategy

On the 18th May, the AUC launched its Research Strategy at RAU Swindon to key agricultural leaders. The report is the outcome of a year-long investigation into industry and policy priorities, current research activities, and the sector’s strengths and weaknesses.

CEIA led and funded the project on behalf of AUC. You can read about the project in full on the AUC's website here.

CEIA supports AUC

CEIA co-director Professor Tom MacMillan, who led the project and principle author of the report said:

"A good deal of time, money and thought goes into agricultural research, but is it achieving as much as it should? This strategy is about focusing that effort to make it more useful on the ground at a time when farmers and the environment are under huge pressure. This kind of joined-up working has proved tricky over the years because, rightly, research is independent and decentralised. What I hope is refreshing about this strategy is that the universities have recognised we have a shared responsibility and we’re teaming up and taking the initiative where we can."

For more information about the AUC see or contact CEIA.


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