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  • Kayleigh Crouch

Setting the research agenda

Research and innovation priority workshops

Autumn 2023

The need for innovation in agriculture has never been more urgent. Our industry is grappling with rapid changes in policy and trade, heightened volatility, and climate and nature crises. Research is vital to help tackle these challenges and find ways to address them, and research providers and funders need to understand the industry’s priorities on the ground.

This autumn, a large group of farming and research organisations are teaming up to understand the research and innovation priorities for farmers and growers across the UK.

The group is hosting a series of workshops to ask farmers and growers what research would be most useful to their business, now and long term. The workshops will gather views from all major agricultural sectors, across a wide diversity of farming systems. CEIA are coordinating the workshops and analyses.

This work builds on the Feeding the Future review ten years ago, which was updated in 2017. This had a substantial impact on government research funding in agriculture.

Who's involved?

Many organisations are running workshops, including:

  • Agricultural Industries Confederation (AIC)

  • Agri-Tech Centres - CHAP, CIEL and Agri-EPI

  • Innovate UK (KTN and UKRI)

  • Innovation for Agriculture

  • Innovative Farmers

  • Landworkers Alliance

  • Linking Environment And Farming (LEAF)

  • Nature-Friendly Farming Network

  • National Farmers Union (NFU) and National Farmers Union Cymru

The Commissioning Group also includes: AHDB, Defra, Rothamsted Research and TIAH.

Want to take part?

Each organisation involved will send out invitations through their networks. If you would like to take part, please complete the contact form below, and we can pass on your enquiry. You can also use the form if you are unable to take part, but would like to share your own research priorities.

Digital innovation graphic in farm field


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